Get to know us

Olio D'Oliva Pizzeria was born in 2014.

A place abroad where experimentation, craftsmanship, hospitality and quality for the country Italy meet.

Our dough

Ingredients: Type 1 stone-milled semi-wholegrain wheat flour, harvested from our own land in Sicily (Italy), natural yeast, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, which we also produce from olive trees located in the Italian region of Lazio.

Our products

AII our pizzas are made from dough that has a longer rising time up to 72 hours and are garnished with selected quality ingredients coming EXCLUSIVELY to us from ITALY, so that we can always guarantee perfect digestibility as well as incredible taste and aroma.

Our vision

Our wines and beers From Enoteca "100%ItaIiano",

you can choose to taste wines and craft beers offered in exclusive to Olio D’Oliva Pizzeria, selected by our master sommelier and coming from

our Italian partners who have embraced the idea for the project.