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An amazing piece of Italy in Sofia – Pizzeria Olio D’Oliva – offers Italian delicacies and specialties, featuring the traditional cuisine, whereas the ingredients give our name, a mantra for us – Italians – who treasure healthy and quality food.

“The extra virgin olive oil” from selected Italian locations and of our production from the Pontina area in the Lazio region (ITALY) is the key ingredient in the preparation of our pizza and paninozza and the flour (of our production from the wheat fields we have in Sicily) , and Italian water.

Our pizza is wood fired, airy, and soft, with a delicate taste. According to the classical guidelines, each pizza is hand made and cooked in our 100% wood fired ovens at temperatures reaching above 300 degrees and the dough is made from bio semi-integral flour, 100% “Black” Activated Carbon and Spirulina.

The mozzarella and burrata used comes directly from Italy. The toppings are chosen with a commitment to quality and freshness using meats and fresh seasonal vegetables.

In view to complement these appealing Italian flavors, PIZZERIA OLIO D’OLIVA offers an excellent choice of exclusive Italian wines and craft beer.

Simply come, close your eyes, breathe, and taste

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